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APEX Company Retreat Meeting

Adage Employees Share Why They Enjoy Our Hackathon

By Adage Culture | Company

In June, Adage Technologies wrapped another successful APEX annual retreat. Adage employees have a variety of reasons why the Hackathon has become such a fun tradition at Adage. APEX has taken various forms over its 5 iterations, but we’ve continued to host it year after year because taking a day away from normal responsibilities to learn and connect with each other helps our employees refresh and stay engaged. Doing a Hackathon allows for opportunities to innovate and work on something new and exciting. Learn more.

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agile living - business frameworks

How a Business Framework Can Make Your Organization More Agile

By Adage Culture | Company, Industry Insights

As President and CEO of Adage Technologies, I am in continuous pursuit of becoming more agile, both professionally and personally. Being Agile is something we work toward at Adage and I had the opportunity to share my experience on Jon Voigt’s Agile Living Podcast. Entrepreneurs, find out how to become more agile and adapt to a constantly changing business landscape by adopting a business framework.

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