Four areas to test the organization’s readiness for digital transformation:

  • Digital Challenges & Opportunities
  • Compelling business driver
  • Leadership commitment
  • Resource availability

Digital Challenges & Opportunities

Driving a digital transformation requires that the organization understand what is at stake. Alignment around an urgent issue helps create the urgency and understanding that is crucial to drive a transformation. Identifying what digital challenges exist lends itself to driving this sense of urgency. So ask yourself do you understand what your audience expects of your digital assets?

Compelling business driver

Having a compelling business driver is a crucial component of a digital transformation. Transformations connected to a compelling business driver are more likely to succeed. The closer the connection to the bottom line the better.

Leadership Committment

We believe that for full-fledged digital transformations to succeed, leadership commitment and buy-in are required. While transformations often start with the rank and file, leadership is required to push through plateaus.

Resource Availability

In our experience, resourcing a digital transformation is always a top concern. While it is crucial that leadership is bought in, leadership is too often too busy to manage a transformation. Thus, making the right choice of staff resourcing is a critical component of driving a digital transformation. The right resources and the right amount of resources are crucial. Adage will often recommend a “structuring” phase to assist our clients in making great team choices.

In addition, assigning a team to lead the transformation expects that staff will be asked to take on more. In general, we have seen that staff are willing to take on additional responsibilities, but organizations struggle with this step. Especially organizations that are departmentally siloed or not accustomed to cross-functional teams. Would your organization allow you to ask staff to more without HR involvement? Your answer to this question will provide an insight into how challenging this step may be. Keep in mind you will be asking staff to do more, learn new roles and responsibilities, and in many cases to stop following certain processes or behaviors.

Download “The ABCs of Digital Transformation”

Download our digital transformation quick start guide, “The ABCs of Digital Transformation”. Our guide includes a readiness checklist and a digital transformation readiness health assessment. You’ll walk through the checklist, score your organization and identify internal points of weakness and strength as you face a Digital Transformation.