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Seamless Integration, Full Control.

Content, Commerce, Marketing.

Together in one easy-to-use platform.

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Content and Commerce - Together in One Platform

Why choose Optimizely?

As an integral part to any business, a scalable, easy-to-use content management system is necessary for brand management and growth. Also, Optimizely was first to market with a truly integrated commerce capabilities within the digital platform.

With multi-channel integration, personalization, easy-to-manage workflows, dynamic content, on-page editing, Office integration, editor collaboration, cart functionality, catalogs, and more, Optimizely is the only truly enterprise level .NET content and commerce platform on the market.

Optimizely (formerly Episerver) logo
Easy-to-use CMS

Content Management

Optimizely has an easy to use, clutter-free editing interface that shows you only the features you need.

With Optimizely, you can edit content directly on the page and see your changes. Adage’s Optimizely implementations allow you to quickly build a page using a drag and drop system built just for your company. You can drag blocks, media, videos, forms and even pages into areas on a page and they will automatically snap into place.

.NET ecommerce


Based on .NET, Optimizely's Commerce Cloud is perfect for organizations the know .NET. Using prebuilt connectors, Optimizely's Commerce Cloud integrates seamlessly with Dynamics CRM, AX, NAV, and Sharepoint.

In addition to a full-featured ecommerce suite, Optimizely's Commerce Cloud has marketing and merchandising tools that enable you to easily create unified experiences for your customers. This includes digital commerce, campaign management, personalization, and email marketing.

Relevant, Contextual, Personalized

Optimizely Personalization

Your audience expects personalized, relevant, and contextual communications and Optimizely does it better than anyone else. Optimizely’s Personalization platform lets you segment your websites visitors into groups based on their referral source, demographics and the interaction they’ve had with your site.

In addition, Optimizely combines machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis. Optimizely empowers merchandisers to present individualized content and product selections in multiple channels, without complicated configuration.

Mobile First

Made for Mobile

Optimizely is a content management system for any device; desktop, mobile, Android, iOS, Windows. All of the sites Adage develops using Optimizely are fully responsive. You can still change exactly how the site responds devices from within the Optimizely interface.

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Future Proof

Ektron to Optimizely Migration

Ektron and Optimizely are now the new Optimizely. If your organization is still using the Ektron CMS, a migration to Optimizely is the next step to ensure continued support and access to innovative features.

To learn more about a migration from Ektron to Optimizely, contact Adage.

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