Jake and I demonstrated real-world examples of how associations and arts, culture & entertainment organizations are digitally pivoting. It was great to share #RealSolutions during .orgCommunity’s virtual event.

In our experience working across the association industry, we have observed some shared business models. In the spirit of Blue Ocean Strategy, we share new business models and pivots from our arts, culture, and entertainment clients.

Blue Ocean Strategy

  1. how to create uncontested market space by reconstructing market boundaries,
  2. focusing on the big picture,
  3. reaching beyond existing demand and supply in new market spaces
  4. getting the strategic sequence right. (Wikipedia: Blue Ocean Strategy)

As we look across marketspaces we see some shared business models. If we look closely we might reach beyond our existing models and find new market space.

Shared Business Models Across Non-profit Verticals

Professional & Trade Associations

  • Mission Driven
  • Education
  • Subscriptions
  • Live Events
  • Memberships
  • Ecommerce

Arts, Culture, & Entertainment

  • Mission Driven
  • Education
  • Subscriptions
  • Live Events
  • Memberships
  • Ecommerce

In the arts, culture, & entertainment market we are seeing rapidly evolving business models powered by strong digital platforms. Adage provides strategy, user experience design, web development (including DevOps), and analytics for our clients. The digital platforms powering these agile pivots are powered by Episerver CMS and Umbraco CMS and hosted in the Azure or AWS Cloud.

Evolving Digital Strategy

  • Live streaming
  • Live cams
  • 3D Virtual tours
  • Updated membership models including “virtual-only” memberships
  • At home, events live-streamed
  • Social media takeovers and other “back-stage” type content
  • Increased cross-organization collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Pivoting from presenting events to presenting content
  • Providing educational material as the top priority
  • Providing timely information for caregivers and children
  • Online donations
  • Partnerships with complimenting organizations
  • Rapid deployment of new online communities (for example LMS)

Special Association Digital Strategy 90 Minute Workshop. Free.

During our presentation, we presented a new strategy package for attendees of the virtual event. We are offering a 90-minute design thinking workshop free of charge. Our special package is formulated for associations that are considering where their digital strategy should move.

The package includes:

  1. One free digital strategy Questionaire
  2. One free 90-minute strategy workshop (cost-benefit analysis or bang for your buck)
  3. Free consultation with the Adage team: a senior digital consultant and a lead digital strategist