Set on the Mexican beaches of Riviera Maya, the all-inclusive Unico Hotel immerses guests in the culture of the region.

Adage Technologies worked with RCD Hotels’ owners of a new resort (still under construction at the time of our initial engagement) and their on-location marketing team to establish a new website built on Episerver CMS. Adage worked with teams based in Miami and Mexico to succesfully coordinate the Episerver implementation. Both teams were involved from start to finish as stakeholders and collaborators.

Our teams worked closely together to establish a minimum viable product (MVP) set of features for a six-week turnaround, in time for an important hoteliers’ conference where the new brand would be launched.

After the MVP launch, the Adage team worked on a full-featured minimum marketable product (MMP) release. The full release includes robust CMS editing capabilities, advanced SEO setup, and workflow-changing personalization leveraging Episerver’s visitor groups.

Visitors from Canada, the United States, and Mexico all get personalized experiences and connections to a booking engine appropriate for their geolocation. Our integration with several booking engines allows site visitors to see pricing in their own language and currency. Episerver CMS editors can continue to expand on the base set up and add more booking engines and visitor groups to their rules based personalization.

  • Episerver CMS Implementation
  • Rules Based Personalization with Episerver Visitor Groups
  • Booking Engine(s) Integration
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Page Performance Optimization