Webinar Event Description

In part 5 the discussion will be centered on association analytics.

This webinar is Part 5 of the series: “Actual Disruption”. Jake Toohey and Joe Post (Adage Technologies) and Ben Muscolino (Breezio and AMS Geek) will be joined by special guest panelists, Julie Sciullo, CEO of Association Analytics, and Dan Hickey, Strategic Consultant, Technology Management from DelCor Technology Solutions. We’ll be hearing about how data should be used, some past learning experiences with data, and how we should be refocusing on specific analytics post-COVID.

Event Date & Time

  • July 1, 2020 | Webinar 4 PM Eastern

Co-hosted By

  • Adage Technologies
  • Breezio

Co-Presented By

  • Jake Toohey, Senior Digital Consultant @AdageTech
  • Ben Muscolino, CEO @Breezio, @AMSGeek
  • Joe Post, MFA, VP Strategy & Design @Adage

With Special Guest Panelists


Dan Hickey, Strategic Consultant, Technology Management @DelCor Technology Solutions

Julie Sciullo, CEO @Association Analytics

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