When we talk about websites, we’re not referring to sites with just a few pages. Websites in 2020 are information ecosystems. They are fully integrated. They rely on things like federated search so that users can find things quickly and easily. The best websites usually have multiple complex integrations and have single sign-on. In the past, we were more open to bouncing around from site to site and logging in to multiple sites, even though they were controlled by the same organization. That’s not what users expect today. In 2020 audiences expect a singular, personalized experience.

Websites in 2000

  • Limited functionality
  • Limited interactions
  • Lists of pages
  • Little rich media content

Websites in 2020

  • Fully immersive rich media
  • Full of interactions
  • Full functionality
  • Leveraging compute power

Consider Facebook circa 2005. Today, Facebook is a fully integrated ecosystem of platforms. The Facebook roadmap from 2016 predicted its push into VR/AR, Connectivity, and AI.

From Business Insider Facebook just showed us its 10-year road map in one graphic

Facebook in 2005

  • Basic directory functionality, more or less a phone book
  • Image galleries
  • Some interactions: commenting, liking

Facebook in 2020

  • Interactive Global Phonebook
  • Live chat
  • Facebook Live video streaming
  • Video content
  • Social commerce (like Craigslist)
  • Single Sign-On powered by Facebook
  • AI powers more than personalization
  • VR features
  • Publishing platform
  • Advertising platform
  • Analytics platform

Adage Technologies Building Websites in 2020

At Adage, we are building “2020” websites that are fully integrated ecosystems of platforms made of CMSs like Episerver, AMSs, CRMs, ERPs, LMSs, PIMs, marketing automation, eCommerce, and more.

Is your “website” a 2020 website?

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